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Vegan Gloves for All Occasions

I’ve had this dilemma twice now: Wear out my hands, or buy leather gloves. Silly me! I didn’t think I had options as a vegan, but I’ve been able to find vegan cactus lifting (gardening) gloves and vegan bicycling gloves. With my recent blog,  “Leather – Can you live without it?  Yes!” I’ve had other people interested in what gloves I’ve purchased.

Here are products and sites that helped us find and purchase vegan gloves:

  • The Vegan Motorcyclist
  • VRG’s “Guide to Leather Alternatives” (Links for vegan baseball gloves, weight lifting gloves, and biking gloves – I have REI ones.)
  • Regular canvas gardening gloves are easy to find, but heavier duty gardening vegan gloves are difficult to find. Palina now makes some, Foxglove Europe has the ones I really want to try, and for the real heavy duty (i.e. cactus moving, which is handy here in Arizona) check out Safe Grasp’s Gardening Gloves.
  • Safe Grasp also has excellent work and sport gloves.

Remember safety first! While I am a huge proponent of veganism, your safety comes first. If your only two options are to wear nothing for your safety or wear leather, then wearing leather for a one-time occasion is the safest. Just remember, that you rarely only have two options in life. You can usually postpone doing something until you find a more ethical way to do it. Be safe and compassionate!