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Homeschool Fiction

Follow homeschoolers Nadia and Aidan as they travel the USA! Each book in this series explores a new state and a new research topic. Along with their parents and pet turtle, they find adventure and learning everywhere.

...and just what is that mysterious device of theirs?

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February 2008
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Top 10: Favorite Reasons I’m Glad I Started this Blog

Happy LEAP Day! Leap Day is one of my all time favorite days. It’s a Bonus day that always makes me think of rainbows and smiles! To celebrate this occasion, I’ve made a list of my favorite reasons I’m glad I started this blog. I’m also giving each of my daughters a “leaping” Webkinz (different […]

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Topics: Arizona,education,empowerment,finances,homeschooling,mindful parenting,photographs,Tucson,Unschooling

Core Knowledge

Recently, my 11 year old daughter had a lovely conversation with an approximately 50 year old mineral specialist at the world famous Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson, AZ. The man was very impressed with my daughter’s knowledge of various minerals and wondered if she wanted to be a geologist when she grew up. […]

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Supper Tonight: Roasted Red Peppers and Baked Potatoes

I don’t like to make complicated meals. I love to eat them, I just don’t care to physically make them. All recipes on this site are very simple to make, lowfat McDougall style, and vegan. Here is a recent supper we had. Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich 6-8 red peppers (enough for 4 people) 2-4 slices […]

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Topics: education,empowerment,homeschooling,mindful parenting,Unschooling

Homework Sucks! (and so do tests)

I’ve known for a while now that homework isn’t a good thing. However, I’m excited to see that this knowledge is hitting the mainstream. The Toronto Star recently had an article titled “Homework a homewrecker: Report“. It’s a well known fact that our schools are not properly serving our children today (even ABC News had […]

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Topics: empowerment,Unschooling

Your Balance is Yours and No One Else’s: Knowing HOW to LIVE

When a person appears to be obsessively involved in an activity, those around him often say things like: “Why don’t you take a break.” or “Find some balance in your life.” I’m primarily talking about adults here, but the cruel remarks are even harsher to children. People don’t learn in well rounded, balanced ways. We […]

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Topics: vegan,vegan leather alternatives

Where to Find Vegan Belts, PDA Cases and Wallets (Purses are Easy)

Due to the enormous popularity of the following articles (thank you!), I’ve decided to do a follow up on where to find vegan belts, PDA cases and wallets. “Leather – Can you live without it? Yes!“ “Vegan Gloves for All Occasions“ “Unexpected Animal Items – Making a Vegan Home“ In my family, we’ve actually completely […]

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Topics: empowerment,favorites,zen

10 Ways to Be a Better Spouse TODAY

This list is similar to my “10 Ways to Be a Better Parent TODAY“. Truth be told, you should treat all of your immediate family members better than you treat anyone else in the entire world. Most people do the opposite. They have special meals, special dishes, special clothing, special manners, etc. for guests and […]

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Topics: pets,photographs

My Connor Cat

Connor (our oldest cat, at age 12.5) is, by far, our most photogenic cat. He’s a loving and cuddly cat. Since I haven’t shown a photo of him yet, here is one. Enjoy!

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Topics: books,empowerment,homeschooling,magazines,mindful parenting,Unschooling

Need Mindful Parenting or Unschooling Help?

Have you read the books, websites, blogs, magazines, and e-mail discussion lists, but still need help understanding and living a Mindful Parenting or full Unschooling life with your children? Help is available! Check out these great Coaches and Mentors (I approve of them all), one or more might be able to help you. Your children […]

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Topics: audio books,homeschooling,mindful parenting,photographs,television,Unschooling,Webkinz,writing

My Unschooled 7 Year Old — Right Now

Right now, my Always Unschooled 7 year old is busy-busy-busy. From the get go, she has been one that has never stopped moving. She just can’t – still and quiet aren’t in her nature (although she is very very quiet in new situations). She moves all the time. Watching a single television show requires rolling, […]

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