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February 2008
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Unschooling: The Proof is in the Pudding

I’ve been asked a variety of questions that boil down to this:

“Can you prove that Unschooling works in the long run in today’s world?”

My simplistic answer is, “Yes, just spend some time with a teen or 20-something Unschooled person. [Yes, they exist, I’ve met quite a few!] Then, spend time with a teen or 20-something schooled person. Then, wonder why you ever thought to ask your question.” The proof is so obvious once you’ve been up-close and personal with Unschoolers and their families.

Yet, honestly, we don’t form our groups just to put our children on display. They are real live people that deserve all the privacy they want. Our playgroups and gatherings are for like-minded families to get together and enjoy each other’s company in fun environments, not for Unschooler-wanna-be parents to sit and ogle and judge. If you can bring your child and your open mind, then you are welcome to come and spend some time with us in our element. Real questions coming from the heart are always welcomed. People that are certain that Unschooling is not a good thing are welcome to stay away. In fact, please do. We enjoy our peaceful, happy lives.

Formal studies have not been done on Unschoolers. The mere act of studying them would change the outcome, thus making all results invalid. When people aren’t “learning to the test”, they are learning real world information that is necessary in the real world rather than spending their time learning how to fill in little bubbles on questions that are often inaccurate and poorly written in the first place (I’m shocked at how awful they are every time I look at one).

This brings me to the topic of having a world view of Unschooling as a valid and legitimate lifestyle choice. Further, Radical Unschooling is more than an educational choice, it encompasses the entire mode of how a family lives together. Everyone I know that has ever truly seen this lifestyle has been overly impressed to the point of wanting it themselves. It’s amazing!

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And, just where does the phrase “The Proof is in the Pudding” come from? [My daughter just had to find out.]