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I Officially Now Know Enough

A degree, a simple piece of paper. It’s a declaration to the world that the bearer of said paper officially “Now Knows Enough”. Woo-Hoo! Party Time!

But, do you? Does that little piece of paper really mean you know enough? Enough for what? To be successful? To be happy? To never be dependent on another again?

When I was first interviewing for jobs as I was graduating from college fifteen years ago, I had several potential employers tell me that my having a degree proved that I had the endurance to see something through and that I’d proved that I had the ability to be taught. Most companies were of the opinion that the newly graduated didn’t actually know anything of value, we’d just proved that we were malleable and teachable.

Do you believe that your degree makes you wiser than a person in a third world country that hasn’t been as educated as you? Have you considered that your education may have actually taken knowledge away from you? Here are just a few examples of this happening:

The next time you consider pursuing a degree, ask yourself if the goal is to gain more knowledge or if you’re just spending your time and money to buy a piece of paper. And if the goal really is knowledge, is college the best way to get it? Depending on your situation, maybe it is – but then again, maybe it isn’t.