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Change is NOT to be feared (from either direction)

Changes happen for a variety of reasons. The best being when we see a problem, then work on a solution to solve the problem.

Yet, many people are scared of their problems and don’t do the work to change. It reminds me of the quote:

Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof. –John Kenneth Galbraith

People who want to change, sometimes aren’t allowed to. Take, for example, building safer and more efficient structures to live in. My family and I have been attempting to get permits to build a Natural Spaces geodesic dome house for over four years now. We’ve discovered that these houses are virtually earthquake proof, hurricane proof, require less heating and cooling, and can be built with less raw materials than a similar “traditional” sized structure. I cannot understand why more people aren’t building these amazing and beautiful structures. We are also wanting to implement many green building techniques into the structure: composting toilets, radiant floor heating (no duct work), grey water system, rain catchment, no carpeting, etc. Our county hasn’t known how to deal with us.

Should we give up our dreams when the people around us can’t see the same vision? No!

It is our responsibility as the people with the dreams and the solutions to problems to continue working toward a better world. We need to be the entrepreneurs, the visionaries, the pioneers of the future! We also need to be the midwives to help others overcome their fear of change. We need to help guide them through their difficult processes.

What if you are the one fearing? (This is common when parents learn there can be a better way to parent than mainstream parenting.) A friend of mine recently said to me that FEAR stands for: Forgetting Everything’s All Right or possibly False Evidence Appearing Real. When you are feeling fearful of the changes going on around you, realize you are powerful and strong. Consider the ramifications of the changes around you before you disagree with them. If, after much thought, you don’t want to go with the flow of a particular change, then don’t. You have it in you to be the change you want to see in this world — breath deeply, then do it!

Start now – this second, because you truly cannot finish tomorrow what you don’t start today.