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May 2008
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Topics: Girl Scouts

Merit Badges for ME

I’ve been a Girl Scout Leader now for seven years. Three or four years ago, my troop got together and surprised me with a vest of my own. I’d made little off hand comments to the parents and girls about how I wished I could earn badges, too. They are all so pretty and I love the embroidering. With my own vest, I was able to make that desire come true; I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before.

Currently the back of my vest is about three-quarters full (it would be completely full if I got myself patches for all the activities my troop has done – we’re a very active homeschooling troop). Yet, the front is looking a little sad. There just aren’t any Girl Scout badges for adults to earn, although I did just earn my 10 year pin!

Then! I happened upon some adult merit badges and I was hooked. Since the adult Girl Scout vest is unofficial, there is no protocol I’m breaking by putting non-GS badges on the front. Girl GSs cannot do this on their vests.

I now proudly display badges from:

If you aren’t a scout leader, you can still have these badges! Put them on a jacket, bag, hat, or belt. Put them anywhere you’d want to proudly display them. I’m thinking of making my own! If you want to make your own, you can either completely make your own design on canvas fabric with a satin stitch around the edge (then trimmed carefully), or buy premade blank patches. Places such as Girl Scout Council stores often sell these.

Want to earn badges, but don’t need sewn ones? Check out this book that has cardboard ones in the back for you to proudly display. The titles of the badges are funny. Whatever you do, have fun!