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May 2008
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How to: Make Nifty Book Boxes for Our Tri-Wizard Tournament Task 3

For Task 3 in our Harry Potter class Triwizard Tournament, we decided to take a slightly different approach. The actual task was a search at Agua Caliente (a local park), a riddle from a Sphinx (my older daughter played this role), a race to the Triwizard Cup, and a duel with Voldemort himself (a dad named Tom in the class played him). The Champions even had to fight off a few Death Eaters, otherwise known as siblings and other students in the class, at the finish.

As with the first two tasks, the champions received clues about what their task was going to be a week ahead of time. The champions received a book box with their two puzzles (see tomorrow’s post), and a Magic Frog Webkinz figure.

FOR THE BOOK BOXES: ZoĆ«, my daughter, and I found cardboard boxes at Michael’s that looked like books. We spray painted them a deep red (like an antique book would look). Next, we colored the edges with gold and silver Sharpies so that it looked like the edges of a real book. Then, we disassembled Hallmark Harry Potter sound greeting cards (they played “Hedwig’s Theme“) and put the mechanism into the book so that it made the music when it was opened. Lastly, we covered the mechanism with cardboard and a picture from the Hallmark card.

Triward Tournament 2008 Book, Volume 3, Photo 1

Triward Tournament 2008 Book, Volume 3, Photo 2

Triward Tournament 2008 Book, Volume 3, Photo 3

Inside of the Triwizard Tournament Task 3 Book Box

The winning house got to keep the TriWizard Cup. We gussied up little party favor trophies for all the houses. Each kid in the class received a trophy with their place on it. We made a special one for the “#1 Professor” – the wonderful lady who was inspired to start this Harry Potter class who really was the most patient and kind person who could have taught this class.

Our Triwizard Tournament Cup

Trophies for the Houses

For those interested, here are the details to our first two tasks: