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Follow homeschoolers Nadia and Aidan as they travel the USA! Each book in this series explores a new state and a new research topic. Along with their parents and pet turtle, they find adventure and learning everywhere.

...and just what is that mysterious device of theirs?

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Archive for July, 2008

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Topics: Arizona,photographs

Pretending to be Indiana Jones PART TWO

Click here for “Pretending to be Indiana Jones PART ONE“. My family loves Indiana Jones. Thanks to this awesome character, we’ve been inspired to build a zip line in our yard. It took us a while to pick the perfect spot. We wanted the illusion of danger, without the actuality of it (my insistence as […]

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Topics: Arizona,photographs,Tucson

Giant Moth

My husband recently came across this giant moth right outside the back door of our house (in Southern Arizona). It was definitely sound asleep since we all hopped around it making quite a racket for a while and it didn’t budge (it did twitch though, so we knew it was alive). It was at least […]

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Topics: environmentalism,green living

What’s in your cleaners?

Have you thought about the toxic chemicals in your home? Check out Science Daily’s recent article: “Toxic Chemicals Found In Common Scented Laundry Products, Air Fresheners” There are many environmentally friendly products in today’s market. Buy those if you need a commercial cleaning product. However, if you just want a clean and family-safe home, check […]

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Topics: Barnard,books,cookbook,curing diseases,education,empowerment,favorites,food,McDougall,movies,PCRM,vegan,vegetarian

Favorite McDougall Products

I have to credit Dr. John McDougall for my final decision to try a vegan diet 5.5 years ago. I’d been thinking about it for a while and reading everything I could on the topic. Yet, I was scared and hesitant. I was completely unsure whether or not it was a healthy change and whether […]

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Topics: vegan,vegan recipe,vegetarian

Vegan Chili Pepper Poppers

Before I was vegan, I loved jalapeno poppers. I hadn’t thought about them in years until the other day when I saw a big pile of green chilies for sale at the grocery store. I immediately thought of poppers! So, here is our vegan version made with green chili peppers. Baked Vegan Chili Poppers 9 […]

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Topics: Arizona,empowerment,Tucson,Unschooling

Donating Hair to Locks of Love

This is my third post on this topic. Click here for the first, and here for the second (this one has photos of my older daughter’s hair donations). Earlier this week my 7.75 year old daughter, Teagan, decided to donate her long hair to Locks of Love. Here are some before and after shots. She […]

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Topics: cheese,vegan,vegan recipe,vegetarian

Vegan Macaroni and Cheese

My youngest daughter loves mac and cheese. This was her one food that kept her from being a vegan for quite a while. Then, we learned how to make an easy version. I’ve attempted several more gourmet versions, but I’ve found them to be difficult to make, difficult to find the ingredients of (just where […]

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Topics: education,empowerment,Unschooling

Happy “Learn Nothing Day”!

Try not to learn too much today! 😉 Click here for the latest on this Unschooler’s holiday.

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Topics: empowerment

Do what you enjoy; Eat what you love; Buy what you pick

I was reminded recently of people who give so much of themselves, they have nothing left for themselves. Loving the people around you is important, but you can’t love them more than you love your own self, or you’ll soon run out of yourself. What do you love the most? What are your favorite foods? […]

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Topics: empowerment,mindful parenting,Unschooling

Choosing Priorities

Ultimately, what you get out of life is derived by your personal priorities. So, choosing what yours are is highly important. Don’t let other people choose your goals for you. If you do, you will not live an authentic life. This isn’t a “leave others in the lurch” statement – quite the opposite. Only agree […]

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