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Music, Lyrics, and Writing

As a writer, I’ve been comparing my words to those of poems and song lyrics a lot lately. My older daughter and I have been noting that poems and song lyrics are essentially one and the same…

I’ve been prolific with fiction lately. When I’m alone I enjoy listening to music while I write. It makes me appreciate over and over again the value of good lyrics. Why?

It’s simple, but true:

  • A song loses value if the words suck.
  • A song gains value if the words are awesome.

No matter how great a tune a song has, I can’t stand listening to it if I can’t stand the lyrics. Many a song has been ruined for me because of this. It’s also the primary reason I don’t care for Country or Gospel music (I don’t like songs about people dying). Some are so sad!

So, what have I been listening to lately? Completely different things when I am writing versus when I am enjoying music.

When I write, I have to listen to either music I know extremely well (and don’t consciously think about the words of), music that has no lyrics, or music with lyrics in a language I don’t speak. When I’m listening to music for music’s sake, then bring on the words! 🙂

If you are a song lyrics writer, please write lyrics the world will love saying over and over. “I wanna hold your hand” is a thing people love to say over and over again. Write something like that and you’ll have a great hit the world will be singing for years to come.

Since the title of my post is so similar to a movie title (completely coincidentally, I might add), I’ll go ahead and mention it: Music and Lyrics is a really sweet and wonderful romantic comedy. It took me over a year to actually view this movie from the time I was first going to, and that’s unfortunate for me. It’s a great movie which deserved a lot more credit than it received.