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Follow homeschoolers Nadia and Aidan as they travel the USA! Each book in this series explores a new state and a new research topic. Along with their parents and pet turtle, they find adventure and learning everywhere.

...and just what is that mysterious device of theirs?

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Archive for August, 2008

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Topics: education,empowerment,homeschooling,mindful parenting,relationships,Unschooling

Think You Are Alone in Unschooling? You Aren’t!

I’ve had many people tell me that they’d be interested in Unschooling “if only it weren’t so isolating for the children”.  I find this interesting since Unschooling opens the WHOLE WIDE WORLD up for our children and us alike!  It is the exact opposite of isolating. Want a community of like-minded people in your area?  […]

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Topics: cookbook,food,lowfat,photographs,vegan,vegan recipe,vegetarian

Vegan Meatless Meatloaf

No, vegan meatloaf is not an oxymoron. I also don’t know why this is one of the most frequently made fun of vegan foods I hear about. I’ve tasted far more animal-meat meatloaves that tasted disgusting than vegan versions. Plus, you’ll never come across gristle or fat globs in a vegan version. There are thousands […]

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Topics: alternate energy,Arizona,housing,photographs,prickly pear,saguaro,Tucson,wind energy

Hail to the Summer Monsoons

I was mistaken when I believed the Arizona summer monsoons were nearing their end for 2008. On Wednesday, earlier this week, my area was hit harder than it has been in the whole entire time I’ve been in Arizona (9 years). We spoke with three different neighbors on Thursday and they’ve all been living on […]

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Topics: empowerment,homeschooling,mindful parenting,relationships,Unschooling,words

“You Have Two Legs” and Other Rude Comments to Children

There is something about the “new school year” that seems to bring out the worst in schooled parent-child relationships. Everywhere I go, I’m hearing really mean comments to kids. Sure I haven’t seen or heard the whole story, but I often have seen the set-up to the rude comments and in almost every single case, […]

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Topics: Arizona,photographs,prickly pear,saguaro,Tucson

Critters and Prickly Pear Cacti

We’ve been fortunate enough to actually see wildlife eating the pads of some of our prickly pear cacti. We especially love watching the rabbits eat it. They take a bite into the outer rim and then eat only the inside part, leaving a circle behind. Bugs, on the other hand, eat it all – methodically. […]

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Topics: education,Unschooling

Homework is NOT Necessary

It’s really hypocritical how adults, in general, talk with children about school. [Not to mention that most adults don’t even know how to talk to children without bringing up the topic of school and grades. The most frequent question my children ever get from stranger adults is: “What grade are you in?” If you are […]

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Topics: books,computer,games,movies

3D Fun

My kids love 3-D things. They’ve been having a lot of fun with Neave Anaglyph. It’s a website where you can “doodle in 3D”. Put on your 3D glasses and have some fun! Some more fun free online games to check out are: Sand Game (This highly fun game is a perpetual favorite here. We […]

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Topics: audio books,books,computer,education,homeschooling,magazines,Unschooling,words,writing

Forcing Children to Read Does NOT Work

The little girl’s alarm rang and she immediately slammed her book closed. Her 25 minutes of required reading for the day was up and she wasn’t about to read a second longer – she didn’t care if she was in the middle of a sentence, let alone a chapter. As the alarm rang, another girl […]

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Topics: Arizona,Unschooling,vegan,Webkinz,words,writing

Happy Blog-aversary to Do Life Right!

Today is the one year anniversary of the blog on the Do Life Right website. I’ve highly enjoyed talking about veganism, Unschooling, Webkinz, arts and crafts, and more, over this past year. Expect more of the same. 🙂 Thanks to all my readers! This site has seen a lot of growth over the past year. […]

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Topics: Arizona,movies,photographs,space,Star Trek,television,Tucson

Titan Missile Museum, Sahuarita, AZ

My family and I recently went on a tour at the Titan Missile Museum in Sahuarita, Arizona (south of Tucson). While close to us and very interesting, we are especially thrilled that Star Trek – First Contact was partially filmed at the missile site. Here are some photographs of our experience. We didn’t get to […]

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