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October 2008
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Vegan Recipe: Chocolate Turtles

My favorite desserts are chocolate turtles and pecan pie. While I’ve yet to eat a vegan pecan pie that truly satisfies me, I’ve had several different turtle recipes (from restaurants) that I’ve adored even more than the original non-vegan version that I first fell for.  So, my daughters and I set out to make our own turtles (this was our second attempt and they taste really good).

Here is our basic and very simple recipe (I’ll post a perfected one when we make one):

Lay out 2-3 pecan halves in clumps on top of a cookie sheet covered in waxed paper.  This recipe made two cookie sheets worth of turtles.

Break one bar of chocolate (more if you like lots of chocolate) into pieces and microwave for 20-30 seconds several times (stir between each heating) until completely melted.  Be careful not to burn the chocolate!

I’ve never measured the exact amounts for this recipe. Start with about 1/3 a tub of the vegan butter and add brown sugar until it looks like caramel. Heat sugar and butter on medium on the stovetop, stirring pretty much constantly so that it doesn’t burn. After the sugar has mostly melted, add a small pouring of the vanilla soymilk. This seems to help the granules of sugar melt.

Once the caramel mixture looks perfect, spoon some onto the pecan clumps. Spoon chocolate on top of that. Allow to cool (refrigerate if you are in a hurry), then eat and enjoy! 🙂