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November 2008
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Word of the Year

While I enjoy browsing blogs here and there, I only regularly read a few.  One of the ones that always grabs my attention is Christine Kane’s (and not just because I so frequently agree with her).  She’s insightful and entertaining, and I always learn something about myself (which is really hard to do on the internet).  One of the things she has blogged about was to encourage people to do away with New Year’s resolutions and instead come up with their own personal “Word of the Year”.  I didn’t do it for this 2008, but I’m seriously considering coming up with a word for 2009.

Sound intriguing?  Start with these articles of Christine Kane’s:

What word will be my word for 2009?  I don’t know yet.  I do know that when I focus on too many projects and plans, they all fall by the wayside.  Slowing down and getting a clear mind is necessary for things to be done to their best.  It’s nearly impossible to do ten things perfectly all at the same time, and we (as a society) spend too much time trying to do just that.  All the great inventors and artists are single-minded.  While I don’t encourage you to neglect your commitments, consider whittling them down now to just the necessities.

I’m writing about this now in mid-November as a hope to encourage you to think about what you truly want out of your life for 2009.  Maybe you don’t need a focus-word.  Maybe this will be an inspiration to you!  Either way, take the next month and a half and calmly think about what is to come and what you desire.