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November 2008
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How to Make: Moon Cycle Calendar 2009

For the Solstice this year, I’ve decided to make Lunar Calendars with my older Girl Scouts.  I went back and forth several times on how to do this and decided to do the following:

  1. Cut out one of each of the moon cycles from Science Netlinks. [Hint: number the moons and draw up arrows on the back of them with a pencil before completely cutting them out — they all look the same once they are cut out.]
  2. Glue them in the preferred order running down the side of two pieces of black foam sheets (glued together) starting at the bottom of the foam.  I wanted mine to start with the new moon, and my daughter wanted hers to start with the full moon.  Both ways look very nice.
  3. Draw 14 approximately equal columns and 28 rows on the foam (after the moons are glued on) with a metallic Sharpie (silver works best on the foam).
  4. Fill in the dates.  January 1st is the 6th phase of the moon.
  5. Decorate the header space.
  6. Put hangers on the back (anything would do).  Glue the extra cardstock on the back of the top of the foam if it isn’t stiff enough to hang.
  7. Hang and enjoy!

Supply List: 2 large black pieces of foam (posterboard would work quite nicely, too), 1 sheet cardstock to print on, glue and/or gluestick, at least two different colors of metallic Sharpies (to keep the months straight), a straight edge for drawing the lines.

I greatly enjoy knowing when a full moon will be ahead of time.  This calendar will help me see the upcoming dates at a glance.  Here is a snapshot of mine: