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November 2008
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Top 10: Reasons Why I’m THANKFUL We Discovered Unschooling

On this day of thankfulness, I am reminded of the thousands of things I am thankful for.  Many of the most life-altering ones revolve around our decision to become whole life learning Unschoolers.  I never would have come to this without the birth of my oldest daughter.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons why I’m thankful for Unschooling:

  1. Learning freedom: My children get to learn what they want, when they want, without a premade curriculum based upon someone else’s standards.  This works best since it is how learning occurs naturally in real life.
  2. Schedule freedom: Without the need to wake up early in the morning for school five days out of the week, my children have the freedom to pursue interests that schooled children just can’t do (like watching meteorite showers in the middle of the night).  It’s so lovely to let the kids sleep until they wake up!  I know they are getting their sleep needs fulfilled unlike most of their schooled peers who are sleep deprived.
  3. Freedom to pick and choose our friends: My kids aren’t trapped in an environment with bullies and mean teachers who won’t let them do what they want.  If we are around someone we don’t like — we leave.  It’s that simple (although I sometimes have to remind myself of this since I had to live with bullies throughout my childhood).
  4. The chance to become experts: In order to become a true expert on something, hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of in-depth time on that skill/knowledge-set are usually required.  Since my children don’t go to school, they have the chance to become experts on quite a number of things.
  5. Knowing who we are: The biggest gift I’ve ever given my children is the chance to get to know themselves.  Very few people ever get this chance (those who do usually don’t until they are well into adulthood), and I’ve never once met someone who was currently in school (K-12) who truly knew themselves completely.   I never got the opportunity to completely figure out my interests until I was an Unschooling mother.  Yet, my kids are solidly themselves, with no qualms about looks or appearances.  It’s wonderful!
  6. Trend setting: Okay, so my kids are not trend setters in the standard sense…  However,my kids don’t react to peer pressure in the slightest.  They have their own clothing tastes, food tastes, movie/entertainment/book tastes, and more.  While they listen and value the opinions of their friends, they never base their decisions solely on what other people are doing.  I love this (although it’s made clothing shopping quite difficult at times when my oldest daughter doesn’t like any of the fashion trends of the day)!
  7. Vacationing and parties: Since we don’t live on the school’s calendar, we are able to vacation and have parties during “off seasons”.  This saves us many hassles including overpopulated tourist areas and hotel expenses (they are much less expensive during the off-season).
  8. Eating and drinking and taking care of our bodily needs: My kids don’t have to wait until lunchtime to eat and use the bathroom.  They also don’t have to ask permission to snack, get a glass of water, or take care of any of their physical needs.  Because of this, they’ve avoided the starving/overeating that so many people learn to do in school.  They’ve also never had to deal with infections and other bathroom issues that come from holding things in for too long.
  9. Lack of power struggles: Many of the parents around me are constantly complaining about the power struggles they have with their kids (sometimes multiple times a day).  While my kids and I don’t always agree, we’ve never had a “power struggle”.  They know that their Dad and I are always on their side — in fact, saying the word “side” sort of gives me the shudders.  In our family, there is no “side”.  It’s all us, together.
  10. Common interests: I can’t count the number of times my children’s interests have led me to learn about something I previously had zero interest in.  This happens all the time (and vice versa).  We are all exploring this life together.  While our favorite activities aren’t necessarily the same on a given day, our interests are broadened daily by our interactions with each other.  This gives us a lot of common ground, too.

I hope you and your family also have plenty to be thankful for – and if you have kids of your own, consider becoming unschoolers too!  It’s a wonderful lifestyle!  Happy Thanksgiving!