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December 2008
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Stifled Living; Is that the Homeschooling Style You Want?

Since before my family was officially a homeschooling family, I’ve heard the stories of “poor stifled homeschooled children”.  Who hasn’t?  It’s these poor kids (well, actually their parents) who give homeschoolers a bad name.  I’ve met them, they absolutely exist — so I’m not about to tell you that they don’t.  I will say though that Unschoolers are living the lifestyle that is exactly the opposite of being stifled.  Their worlds are WIDE open!

There is an interesting range of homeschooling styles, but here are the basic categories:

  • The strict book-work curriculum homeschoolers (often called “School-at-Homers”).  These are often the ones who also have a strict home life with chores and rules with the parents firmly “in charge”.  These are also often the ones who homeschool for religious reasons.
  • Then, there are the virtual schoolers who are basically going to school (with their parent(s) as their teachers) at home.
  • Then, there are the eclectic homeschoolers.  These people take a variety of curriculum ideas and customize their programs to fit the adult’s and children’s “needs”. [This category and the previous one often are flexible enough to allow their children’s school work to come between outside interests, rather than in lieu of them.]
  • Lastly, and most importantly, is the Unschooling style of homeschooling.  Unschooling parents view it to be their job to facilitate their children’s learning by being partners in life with their children.  While curriculum based homeschoolers homeschool in order to protect their children from the world, Unschoolers choose to homeschool in order to open the world up to their children; they are polar opposites.

When choosing what style of homeschooling you want for your family, consider the following:

  • Do you want your children to be stifled, or enlightened?
  • Do you want a dictatorship in your family, or a partnership?
  • Do you want to be strapped down to a kitchen table for hours every day making your children learn to hate certain subjects in life, or do you want the freedom to live and learn as humans are naturally meant to do?
  • Do you want to be with your children as they grow and experience the world, or do you want their first experiences of the real world to happen when they move out (and are not with you)?

Choose the style which will give you the relationship with your children that you and your kids deserve.