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January 2009
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Word of the Year 2009

Have you picked a word to represent your 2009 dreams, desires, and ambitions?  The idea of this is very similar to vision boards, yet even more focused.  This idea has been wildly popularized from Christine Kane (read here for more of my articles which mention her) and I love it, yet 2009 will be my first year of actually picking a word.  I’ve found it too difficult in the past.

My word for 2009 is: ALLOW.

I’ve been personally struggling with the same half a dozen or so ambitions for the past five or so years.  Over and over I’ve tried to accomplish these things.  I’ve gotten super close a few times, only to have the actual goal crash right in front of me leaving me years behind (further back than square one) again and again.  Yet, simultaneously, I’ve had some incredibly amazing things happen to me and for me during these same years of struggle — things that I’d barely pondered, yet just fell into my lap with very little (and sometimes no) effort at all.

This is how I want my whole life to be.  It is for many people and I believe it can be for me, too, so long as I ALLOW it to happen.  I’m going to live with this word in mind every day until I trust it to be the way life is.  This isn’t a goal to become lazy, far from it – it’s a goal to allow the good things to happen because of the actions I am already taking.

If you have any desire to pick a word for yourself, now is the perfect opportunity.  Can’t pick a word?  I like Christine Kane’s advice to try on several (one at a time for a few hours or days) until you pick one that feels right.

Happy New Year!  I wish that all of your dreams and desires come true as well!