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January 2009
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RECIPE: Vegan Cream Cheese Wedding Mints

Our Girl Scout troop recently had a Talent Show.  My oldest daughter’s talent was cooking.  Since each act could only be 5 minutes (or less) long, she had a difficult time deciding what to cook.  She finally decided on wedding mints (which could be shown in stages).  They are relatively simple to make, easy to store, and very yummy!  The first time I made these was for my high school graduation party and we’ve been making them for nearly every special occasion since (including my wedding and my first baby shower).  The original recipe was not vegan, but we’re pretty good at veganizing recipes since there are so many vegan products ready-to-eat these days.  🙂

Vegan Wedding Mints

  • 1 container Tofutti cream cheese
  • 6 cups vegan powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon flavoring (choices include: mint, butter, strawberry, almond, etc. I’m looking forward to trying prickly pear, and perhaps maple – quantities might need to be adjusted for these)
  • ~1/2-1 cup vegan granulated sugar in a small bowl
  • Food coloring if desired (we like ours without, but if you are making several flavors it’s nice to add a small amount of coloring to distinguish the flavors unless you like to live on the wild side)
  • Cookie sheet, mixing bowl, large spoon, Silicone Candy Mold, storage container, waxed paper

Warm cream cheese to room temperature (microwave if necessary). Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.  Some people prefer to add the flavoring directly to the cream cheese before slowly adding the powdered sugar.  Taste to make sure the flavor is perfect before continuing.

Roll small marble sized pieces of the mix with fingers and thoroughly dip into the granulated sugar.  Push into Silicone Candy Mold and immediately take out and put onto a sheet of waxed paper (that is on a cookie sheet, or similar).  Once the tray is full, refrigerate or freeze for at least ten minutes.  Once the outer part is hard, they can be stacked into storage containers.  One batch makes ~75 mints (assuming several taste tests) and can be frozen up to a year in advance.