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February 2009
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What Unschooling is NOT

There are many misconceptions about unschooling.  Through my talking with people unfamiliar with the concept, I see the same incorrect ideas popping up again and again.  Let’s get the facts clear.

  • Unschooling is NOT permissive parenting.
  • Unschooling is NOT leaving children alone to their own devices.
  • Unschooling is NOT having a “no boundaries” home.
  • Unschooling is NOT taking the kids out of school and letting them run wild.
  • Unschooling is NOT taking away all dietary and health habits and leaving the children’s health up to the wind.
  • Unschooling is NOT letting the kids “fight it out in their own way” — that’s not the real world.
  • Unschooling is NOT letting the kids sleep and be awake at all hours of the day without the rest of the family’s needs being taken into account.
  • Unschooling is NOT about eating nothing but candy all day.
  • Unschooling is NOT about doing nothing but watch television all day.
  • Unschooling is NOT about playing video games all day.
  • Unschooling is NOT about never showering or bathing.
  • Unschooling is NOT about making the parents slaves to the whims and desires of the child(ren).
  • Unschooling is NOT about going into debt by buying whatever the children want whenever they want it.
  • Unschooling is NOT about living in messes where the children never clean up anything, ever.
  • Unschooling is NOT about the children (or parents) wearing the same clothes for weeks at a time.

What is Unschooling?

Unschooling is the next phase (once the child is “school age”) of the Attachment Parenting or Mindful Parenting lifestyle.  It is extremely hands-on.  In fact, it is the most hands-on style of parenting there is.  Unschooling parents view themselves as life partners with their children and they never have an “Us against Them” approach.  It’s about empowering our children to never stop trusting themselves and to honor their own needs, while growing into kind, considerate, happy, and brilliant adults — at their own pace.

Unschooling is living in real society — real life, if you will.  Unschooling parents are present, ready to guide and facilitate as necessary (or not), while they and their children grow and learn.

Unschooling is being present WITH your kids, through everything 24 hours a day for as long as they need it and desire it.  For the times that the parents can’t be physically, mentally, and emotionally present, then Unschooling parents find other adults who love the kids to temporarily take over their parental responsibilities for short time periods.  Unschooling parents never expect other people to raise their kids.

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