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April 2009
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Be Questioned: 20 Questions for Unschoolers

In order to help more people understand how differently Unschooling can look in different families, yet still be wildly wonderful, I’ve compiled a list of questions for all my Unschooling friends and readers of DoLifeRight.

If you would like to answer these questions on this site for the whole world to read, please e-mail me your answers to with the word “Interview” or “Questions” in your e-mail subject line — Don’t worry about formatting or numbering or anything like that (just copy, paste and answer — I’ll find your words in there).  I reserve the right to fix spelling errors and ask you more questions.  🙂  At least ten questions need to be answered for your answers to appear on this site (don’t feel pressured into answering all the questions).  I’d also like a photograph of you, you and your children, and/or you with your whole family to put with your answers.

I will e-mail everyone who e-mails me with a date set for when your interview will appear.  I ask that your post is linked to on your own personal websites and blogs — no worries if you don’t have one!

Without further ado, here are the questions (look for a list of Vegan Questions to appear soon).

20+ Unschooling Questions:
  1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your family (name, children’s ages, where you live, etc.):
  2. How long have you homeschooled your children? Do you consider your family an unschooling family? What does this mean for your family?
  3. Did you plan to homeschool your children before you actually had children? What is your own educational background?
  4. Why did you decide to not send your children to school? What research did you do to make this decision? Were there any books, magazines, or websites you would recommend new parents (or parents who are new to homeschooling) read?
  5. Did you consider yourself an “Attachment Parent” when your children were infants? How did this (or didn’t this) affect your choice to unschool/homeschool your children?
  6. What specific benefits to your children (or family as a whole) have you actually seen since you became unschoolers/homeschoolers?
  7. Do you have a regular schedule in your life? How does this work with outside commitments and responsibilities?
  8. How important have support groups been for you? Do you have online ones, in person ones, or a mixture? Please list any you want to share.
  9. What resources do you use for your children’s “educations”? Feel free to comment on the word “education”.
  10. How did your friends and families react when you told them your children wouldn’t be going to school? Have their opinions changed over the years?
  11. What have been the benefits (unexpected and expected) to homeschooling?
  12. How does your family make money? Do you have a job? Full-time or part-time or something in between? Can you tell us about your choices and how you made these decisions?
  13. How have *you* personally grown since you started unschooling/homeschooling your children? How has your relationship with your spouse/partner grown?
  14. Are you able to find time to have your own hobbies, interests, and friends? Beyond your children (of course), what are your interests?
  15. How do you respond to other people’s questions about the following: completeness of education, socialization, college plans, etc.? Do you give different answers to different people? Why?
  16. If you have more than one child, how do you handle their different interests and desires? If you have one child, how do you handle his/her desires to be with other children? How do you reconcile these interests with your own?
  17. What are the biggest issues you are currently having, or have ever had in regards to parenting and/or homeschooling/unschooling?
  18. Any regrets? We want to hear the good and the bad! This is the best way to make informed decisions.
  19. Do you have any websites, yahoo lists, etc. that you run or maintain? Please list them here with descriptions.
  20. Any last thoughts or advice for DoLifeRight’s readers?