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December 2009
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Word of the Year 2010

For 2009, I chose the word ALLOW to represent what I was hoping to get from the year.

I accomplished many things in 2009, most of which I had struggled with in previous years. I truly believe it is because I fought with things in the past and didn’t allow my goals and dreams to unfold as they could. In previous years, I have started out with not only goals, but strict ideas on how they would be accomplished. When things didn’t go according to plan, I became frustrated and thought that meant they wouldn’t/couldn’t come true at all. I often either became headstrong and accomplished things that shouldn’t have been accomplished (at huge costs to myself), or I became frustrated and loss ambition to dream.

With the word allow in the front of my mind, I allowed things to happen in unexpected ways.

In 2009, I:

  • Allowed myself to become a published author
  • Allowed trips I’d only dreamed about to occur
  • Saw my children grow in ways that astound me due to my sitting back and allowing them to be free to be themselves
  • Allowed a rekindling of a relationship that had been hurting me for years
  • Allowed myself to reach health goals I had been fighting in the past
  • Allowed myself to be a more contented person
  • Allow myself to have new dreams and desires I had been scared to have
  • Allowed myself to fail in new and exciting ways, without calling myself a failure (this is big for me!)
  • Allowed myself to feel my emotions without making them define who I was as a person

My word for 2010 is INTENT (and intend, intention, and all other forms of the word). I intend to accomplish great things in 2010! How about you?

Having trouble coming up with your word for 2010?  Check out Christine Kane’s new Free Download: “Word-of-theYear” Discovery Tool.  It’s really great!