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April 2010
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Topics: 20 Questions,education,homeschooling,interview,mindful parenting,relationships,Unschooling

What is this thing called UNSCHOOLING? What are unschoolers like?

Since every unschooling family I’ve ever met has been seemingly completely different than all the others, it made me wonder: just what do these people all have in common? How is it that they all call themselves unschoolers? Just what is this unschooling philosophy about if it can draw so many people from such diverse backgrounds?

To get to the bottom of these thoughts, I created my “20 Questions for Unschoolers” list. It’s since turned into a nice long thread of answers on this site (click here for the whole category of posts). I’ve found each and every set of answers to be enlightening. Each family is different, yet there are common themes: they all truly respect each member of their family (their relationships come first, above all else), they all believe that children are born learning, they all believe that living without school has opened up parts of their lives that they could never have had if their kids had been in school. They are all mindful people who live their beliefs. For this, I respect them all and I’m certain you’ll find their answers very interesting, too.

Do I agree with everything each one of them says? Nope, but that’s not the point. The point is that you, too, can be an unschooling family.  You can break away from the so-called educational requirements of today, and start allowing your children (and you!) to learn as they best do–through living.


Are you an unschooler who would like to answer these questions?  Contact me here and I’ll send you an e-mail address to send your answers (and photographs) to. I’ve been crazy busy with other parts of my life, but I’d love to feature as many unschooling families as possible here on this site!