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January 2011
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Word of the Year 2011

As the new year began, I embraced my annual habit of picking a “Word of the Year”. My 2009 word was ALLOW. My 2010 word was INTENT.  Each served me quite well. These each came to me quickly and I took them on with gusto.

My 2011 word didn’t come as quickly… The end of 2010 had me in a situation that I don’t find myself in very often (since becoming vegan, that is; before that I was in this situation nearly 100% of the time). In fact, it’s been over two years since I’ve been there last… I was sick. I had a horrible cold all over Christmas and New Year’s which left me feeling groggy and achy, craving sleep and rest.

At first I was annoyed at this disruption of my holiday festivities, but now I’m looking at it as a gift. The gift to slow down and really savor each and every experience. I’ve always been an appreciative person, taking nothing for granted, but there is a difference between appreciation and savoring. For 2011, I pick the word: SAVOR.

In 2011, I will savor:

  • Love; I will be present with friends and family, and especially allow myself to be fully into my time with those I love. I will savor every second.
  • Life; Our time on Earth is limited, I will enjoy each moment I have here to the best of my own ability without fear standing in my way. I will savor every second.
  • Food; I will only put food I love into my mouth and I will fully taste each and every bite. If I find myself unconsciously eating, I will stop. I will savor every morsel.
  • Relationships; I will enjoy my relationships just the way they are. I won’t wish for people to be who they are not, and I will be happy that I get to enjoy each and every stage of my children’s lives (especially when it all seems to be going too fast). I will savor every person in my life.
  • Weather (in all its forms); I will not spend time wishing the weather were different than it actually is. It’s not like it is controllable! I will savor that which I cannot control and savor the heat and cold, as it comes to me.
  • My body; I will love myself as-is, because I am glorious just the way I am! I will savor all that I am capable of doing.
  • My writing; I will enjoy the process of creating, including the “what I have I gotten myself into” stage. I will savor my imagination and appreciate its power.
  • My stuff; This one might seem superficial, but it’s really not. I will enjoy my possessions, each and every one of them. If I don’t love them, I will happily pass them along to someone who will. Life is short, there is no reason I should surround myself with things I don’t like. I will savor everything, as it all enriches my life and makes it worth living.