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January 2011
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The Socialization Myth and Teens

Quick: ┬áName a high school teen movie. Doesn’t matter when it was made.

Okay, now name another, and another–again, it doesn’t matter when they were made.

Now, what do they all have in common? Yes, they all have striking similarities, don’t they?

  • The popular kids exist in them, being mean to the rest of the kids.
  • There are cliques and special groups of people who barely, if at all, overlap.
  • There are bullies, beating up the nerds.
  • There are nerds, looking dorky and geeky–in the bad way.
  • There is angst, as though that is a natural occurrence for people in their teenage years to feel [it’s not].

Honestly, every teen movie out there was a lot like my own high school experience–sucky and not worthy of repeating. Once I discovered a better way to raise my kids, I jumped on it. My daughters are both homeschoolers who have never experienced socialization like it is shown in the movies and on television.

Does that mean that we, as society, should be worried that homeschoolers won’t be emotionally damaged like the rest of us since they haven’t had the torture of school? Do you honestly believe that people who don’t go through mainstream “education” proceedings are the ones who aren’t properly socialized?

My children are social beings. They love being around people. They also love solitude. They are not anti-social, nor overly needy of “teen” relationships. They are, what anyone would call, perfectly social in every way a human should be. They are interested in others, lively in their pursuits, and kind to all. I can’t say this of many other people in this world…

The truth is that giving a child an upbringing in the world (like homeschooling does) is more normal than a school environment could ever be. May there never be a need for another teen angst movie for the damaged to heal themselves with again…