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August 2011
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Thoughts on “Life in a Day” One Year Later

Teagan in front of the theater to see "Life in a Day"

Opening night of "Life in a Day"

My family and I recently went to the big screen premiere of Life in a Day. Since a clip of mine, of my younger daughter Teagan, made it into the film, my whole family has been emotionally vested in the film. Yet, to be completely honest, I would have loved the film anyway. It’s shockingly deep and has made me cry several times each time I’ve seen it. The music is truly amazing, giving the film a unique flow unlike anything I’ve heard before, and I can’t wait to buy it for my iPod. Warning to parents: the film isn’t lighthearted and (while rated PG-13) has several graphic scenes that I have to look away from the screen for, as well as a few sexual references that some parents might not want their kids to hear.

[Here I wrote in January 2011 about how we found out about the film, etc., and our feelings about seeing the Sundance online viewing.]

The premise of the movie is this: What does a “typical life” look like on Earth on July 24, 2010? Hundreds of cameras were sent out to remote locations around the world, and thousands upon thousands of people sent in clips that they’d filmed. Most were amateurs, like myself, but some professionals sent in amazing scenic footage. With thousands of hours of footage to view, the amazing editors whittled the film into a 90 minute production using footage from only 300 and some people. We feel very honored that our clip made it into the movie! What was produced was, IMO, a very accurate portrayal of what it was like to be a human on Earth in 2010. Viewing this film made me feel very connected to other people living right now, and I’m grateful that this movie was made.

As a celebration of the premiere, Teagan thought it would be great fun to recreate the scene that we filmed last year of her standing in our front yard in Sahuarita, Arizona, USA (in the Sonoran Desertthe only desert on Earth that has saguaros naturally), waiting (patiently for Greg and Zoe to be ready to go to a dance performance of hers at a local park’s grand opening–so she’s all decked out in dance clothes),  solving the Rubik’s cube while hula hooping. Sounds kind of crazy, huh? Well, for Teagan it’s not. Puzzles and dancing are two of her biggest passions, so the combination of the two made perfect sense for her to try this.

Teagan is a much faster Rubik’s cube solver these days, solving the cube in as fast as 30 seconds. So this year (on the one year anniversary of the original filming), she put on her favorite dress, got out her newer Rubik’s cube, and she solved the cube again. This time in about a minute and a half. Here’s our recreation clip taken on July 24, 2011 on our way to the movie premiere.

Going to the theater to see this movie was very exciting for us. While our local theater didn’t care that we were a part of the movie, we went ahead and made our own little announcement before the movie started. When Teagan’s clip came on the screen, the audience went wild with applause. Many came up to Teagan after the movie was over, too, which was very fun for us.

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Marque for Life in a Day movie

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Teagan in front of the actual theater

Yes, "Life in a Day" is at the theater!