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October 2011
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Having “The Today Show” Film Us

On September 16, 2011, a camera crew and producer from The Today Show came to our new home, in California, to film my family [Greg, Teagan (11), Zoe (15), Lisa/me] for a segment about Unschooling. It is set to air tomorrow, October 14, 2011 during the 8:00AM hour.

The filming crew was at our house for seven hours, but the time flew by so fast it felt like only a couple of hours. Since this area (Silicon Valley) is new to us (our home for the past twelve years has been southern Arizona, and we still live there part-time, and we are originally from Iowa), some of the questions we were asked were about here and what it’s like to live in a new place. Obviously, the bulk of questions were about Unschooling: what it is, why we do it, how it has impacted our lives, etc. Everyone involved in the filming was extremely kind, courteous, and respectful.

We spent some time walking around our new neighborhood, playing a game together (Bananagrams), talking about Teagan’s latest sewing project and the second book that she’s writing, seeing part of Zoe’s rock and mineral collection, picking lemons to make lemonade, filming a “Milpitas, California” category for “Zoe’s Geo Party!” Jeopardy!-style game that she’s been making for over a year now, talking about Zoe’s upcoming collaborative novels and my children’s chapter book series and publishing company, seeing Teagan solve the Rubik’s cube while hula-hooping, and, of course, being interviewed. Zoe was interviewed by herself in her room. Greg and I were interviewed together in our new backyard. Teagan chose to not be interviewed, which is how we’d planned it from the start.

The only confusion that arose in the entire seven hours was with the definition of “need to learn” vs. “want to learn” in regards to children choosing what to learn about on their own (a question that Zoe was asked). Since that caused so much confusion and required multiple explanations (and still wasn’t fully understood), my family has had a number of discussions about that topic since. In fact, we’ve nearly co-written a post about this (which, honestly, could be an entire one-hour talk, since fully comprehending this concept is so crucial to truly understanding what Unschooling is all about).

Making the paradigm shift to an Unschooling lifestyle is huge. We get that. We went through that same transition (it’s called deschooling). Yet, we feel that we’ve never made a more important decision in our lives. It’s changed how we view the entire world, and so we were excited to have had the opportunity to show the world how we live and how wonderful Unschooling is.

Here are a few photographs from that exciting day: