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January 2013
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Word of the Year 2013

This new year marks my fifth year in a row that I’ve chosen a “Word of the Year.” The concept of this is simple: rather than choosing resolutions to attempt to accomplish within a year’s time (or give up within a week), a theme (or more frequently, a word) is chosen as an inspiring touchpoint to use throughout the entire year.

In 2012, I chose my word to be “Thrive.” I feel as though this was the perfect word for me this past year. I was settling into a new environment, with many aspirations both personal and professional that I was trying to accomplish, all while THRIVING rather than just surviving through them (especially since most of 2011 was challenging for me). I had many aspects to thriving that I was striving for. Nearly all of them came true. The ones that didn’t were mostly by personal choice, and none were because of a personal failing. With the goal of thriving, I got to choose what thriving meant for me at every stage. Sometimes that meant eating fruit for breakfast, other times it meant eating a brownie. Sometimes it meant working hard at publishing a book, other times it meant enjoying an afternoon of sitting in the sun while talking with my daughters. It was all about my personal balance and joy–my thriving.

As 2012 was drawing to an end, I reflected on what worked and what didn’t work for me. While it was a year full of many, many trials and tribulations, it was also full of much joy and satisfaction. My family had heartaches that we’ll never fully recover from, yet we also had experiences of such deep love and pride that we’ll never come down from them. My personal favorite accomplishment is facilitating the first ever Doing Life Right Teleconference. For this, I am proud. I am also proud that I helped many of my daughters’ dreams (personal and professional) come true.

Yet, due to the challenges that 2012 gave me, I ended the year feeling incredibly unsettled and untethered. Much like a loose balloon on a windy day, I’ve been thrown hither and tither without choice too many times over the past year. As a self-proclaimed control freak, that’s a hard situation to be in.

Thus, for 2013, I declare that my word is: ANCHORED.

I want this year to bring me a sense of home, peace, and comfortable companionship with people I adore (including myself). Yes, I’ll probably still be thrown around a bit, but now I can focus on everything that holds me in place as the currents of the seasons pass along, only affecting me as I allow them to, keeping me steady and secure.

For those curious, my previous words have been:

Happy New Year!