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January 2014
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Word of the Year 2014: RADIATE

What is YOUR word of the year for 2014?

I’ve been fairly active on Facebook the past few years, and I’ve seen an increase in how many people are giving themselves a “Word of the Year” rather than resolutions that never come true. I love this! 2014 marks my 6th “Word of the Year” and I’m super excited about it.

Do you know what this “Word of the Year” business is all about? Well, it’s been around for quite some time, but it’s summed up quite nicely in Christine Kane’s Word-of-the-Year Discovery Tool. Simply put: (1) Pick ONE (and only one) word that succinctly summarizes your hopes, goals, dreams, and desires for the upcoming year. (2) Surround yourself with your word all year. (3) Reflect as you personally see fit.

For 2013, I gave myself the word ANCHORED. After having lived several years where I felt anything but anchored, having ANCHORED as my go-to word this past year has given me a new stability I’d been craving. My family and I are comfortably home in our lives and relationships, and it feels simply lovely. 2013 was an inward year for me, full of introspection (hey, wait, I’ve never had a year that wasn’t full of this!) and embraced introversion. Embraced, I say, as I’ve fought my anti-extroversion tendencies in past years. This year, I embraced my authentic introverted self–PROUDLY!

With this in mind, it came to me as a complete surprise that 2014’s word kept screaming to me… I finally had to accept it for the word that I desire to take me to the next level of my human experience. My 2014 word of the year is:


Yes, I am a radiant being. Yes, I am always (now!) my authentic self. Yet… not a lot of people are seeing my full shine. This, though I am anxious and excited about it, is what I’m trepidatious about sharing with the world. Yet, it’s truly who I am, so I can’t wait to show this side of myself to the world.