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January 2016
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Word of the Year 2016: FLOW


After fighting another whirlwind year, I’ve decided that I would like to concentrate on going with the flow. Thus, my personal Word of the Year for 2016 is FLOW!

Flow. Like a flowing river. I am in the river, but I can’t change the river’s direction to turn it around 180 degrees immediately. I have the power to slowly guide it with my influence, but I don’t have the power to stand still and say, “Stop and turn around! Get out of my way.” Yet, I’ve been trying to make my life-river stop and turn around a lot this past year. This has caused me frustration, anger, and deep sad disappointment. I feel as though I’ve completed my 2015 SERENITY goal, but I have more to work on in the area of acceptance and change. I need to go with the flow more.

As I have with every word of the year that I’ve chosen (this is my 8th year choosing one!), every time I have trouble breathing, I’ll remind myself of my word. I’ll prominently display it in some specific way in my home as a visual reminder. I’ll say it aloud when I need it. It’ll seem new and silly at first, but then it will become natural and feel right.

I’m asked sometimes why having a word of the year is so important to me. It’s not right for everyone. I find my life to have unnoticed rhythms that, if left unfocused by me, cause me frustration, self-doubt, and a sense of not growing. I don’t like this. It’s important to me that I expand in who I am and work my way towards it. So, each year I pick a word that suddenly feels like the idea that I personally need for personal growth. My words have changed each year, but my long-term goal is the same: to Do Life Right. I give myself gentle and not-so-gentle reminders as to what that means. My personal growth areas change over time.

I know already that 2016 will bring me many hardships. I already know what some of them are. I don’t know, however, of all the beauty and love it will bring me. I hope to go with the flow on all of it, and appreciate each beautiful moment as it happens. I call that FLOW, and I’m looking forward to floating in my life river when I feel like floating, and creating little dams when I chose for the river to flow in new ways. I can already feel it happening, not just around me, but with me and through me.