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Homeschool Fiction

Follow homeschoolers Nadia and Aidan as they travel the USA! Each book in this series explores a new state and a new research topic. Along with their parents and pet turtle, they find adventure and learning everywhere.

...and just what is that mysterious device of theirs?

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December 2017
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Month Day
Topics: Arizona,cactus,movies,photographs,prickly pear,saguaro

Thoughts on “Life in a Day” One Year Later

My family and I recently went to the big screen premiere of Life in a Day. Since a clip of mine, of my younger daughter Teagan, made it into the film, my whole family has been emotionally vested in the film. Yet, to be completely honest, I would have loved the film anyway. It’s shockingly […]

Month Day
Topics: Arizona,cactus,movies,photographs,Tucson,video

Life in a Day

When we first heard about the “Life in a Day” project (original blog we read), we were quite intrigued. Everyone from around the world was invited to submit videos, including home videos, of the life around them on Saturday, July 24, 2010. That’s a very large concept! With over 80,000 submissions and 4500 hours of […]

Month Day
Topics: education,homeschooling,movies,relationships,Unschooling

The Socialization Myth and Teens

Quick:  Name a high school teen movie. Doesn’t matter when it was made. Okay, now name another, and another–again, it doesn’t matter when they were made. Now, what do they all have in common? Yes, they all have striking similarities, don’t they? The popular kids exist in them, being mean to the rest of the […]

Month Day
Topics: guest post,movies,review,space,Star Trek,television,top ten

Top 8: Favorite Guy Movies Viewed in 2009

As in other years, this is my list of the best movies I saw over the year that would primarily appeal to the man of the family.  They aren’t all new; I don’t get out to the theater that often.  I’m a bit late with the list this year (and a few short) since I […]

Month Day
Topics: education,homeschooling,movies,space,Star Trek,television,Unschooling

The end of our Star Trek Journey… or just the beginning

Today marks the day that my family and I have officially watched every single Star Trek episode.  Yes, all of them! We started several years ago watching them in chronological (by release date) order with Star Trek: The Original Series (3 seasons), mixed with Star Trek: The Animated Series (a little oft forgotten two season […]

Month Day
Topics: favorites,movies,top ten

Happy Valentine’s Day! Top Ten Favorite Romantic Movies

I like to keep my favorite lists to only the top ten, but I love romantic movies so much I’ve had to make this one a little larger.  Without further ado, here’s the list of my Top Ten + Ten Favorite Romantic Movies (in no particular order): Notting Hill Just Like Heaven You’ve Got Mail […]

Month Day
Topics: movies,party,Star Trek,television


So as not to spoil any surprises for our party guests, I won’t be talking about our upcoming Super Star Trek Sunday party until after the party is over.  🙂 However, it’s time you should be gathering your DVDs, replicating yummy food, and stocking up on fun for your own celebrations. We hope you have […]

Month Day
Topics: favorites,movies,music,television,top ten

Top Ten: Movies for a Rainy Day

We’ve had a bit of rain where I live recently, and it’s made me crave a certain type of movie.  Since we’re in the midst of a fairly major remodeling project I haven’t had the chance to watch all of these, but I’m craving to (sometimes enjoying a bit of melancholy with a batch of […]

Month Day
Topics: favorites,guest post,movies,projectors,review,television,top ten

Top 10: Favorite Guy Movies Viewed in 2008

This is a guest post from my husband, Greg: As with 2007’s list, these are movies I watched (or re-watched) over the previous year.  They didn’t necessarily come out in 2008.  Since we usually wait for movies to come out on DVD rather than go to the theater, I tend to see things a bit […]

Month Day
Topics: favorites,movies,review,television,top ten

Top 10: Television Shows We’ve Seen in 2008

Due to the Popularity of my Top 10: Favorite Movies and Television Shows We’ve Seen in 2007 and Top 10: Favorite Christmas Movies 2007 (which I couldn’t improve upon this year after seeing several new Christmas movies) posts, I’ve written one for movies in 2008 and this one for television shows. In complete honesty, the […]

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