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February 2018
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Topics: California,empowerment,food,holidays,party,photographs

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Zoe!

Today is my oldest daughter’s 16th birthday! Happy Birthday, Zoe! To celebrate, she hosted a 30-second flash mob at the Great Mall in Milpitas, CA. At precisely noon, everyone we invited (who was available) froze in place like statues at the food court. Being part of a freezing flash mob has been one of Zoe’s […]

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Topics: party,photographs,space,Star Trek

Super Star Trek Sunday Photos 2010

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Topics: Arizona,dome,homeschooling,party,photographs,space,travel,Tucson,Unschooling

Whipple Observatory, Amado, AZ, USA — PART ONE

Every three months, the Whipple Observatory’s visitor center hosts a “Star Party”.  Since we can see this observatory from our house, we’ve been wanting to go there for some time.  When I first looked into it, my youngest was younger than 6. Since they don’t allow those younger than 6 to go to the observatory […]

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Topics: food,holidays,music,party,Unschooling,vegan,vegan recipe

Get Ready for Pi Day 2009

With just a little over a week before Pi Day, it’s time to get ready for this super fun celebration!  This year it’s even on a Saturday!!! What is Pi Day? Every year on March 14th, people around the world make and eat pies in celebration of the number Pi which can be approximated as […]

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Topics: empowerment,how to,party,relationships,Unschooling

Creating a Clean Team

For years I’ve had projects that I’ve wanted to do, but I haven’t had the internal (or external) push to start.  There are certain things that are just more fun to do with someone else – like painting rooms and cleaning out closets (this one is especially difficult for me, yet I didn’t manage to […]

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Topics: food,party,photographs,space,Star Trek,television,vegan,vegan recipe

Star Trek Inspired Food

For our recent (vegan) Super Star Trek Party, we had the following menu (recipes to follow for the ones we can share): Super Star Trek Sunday Menu Mammoth Ferengi Tube Grubs Similar to Earth’s scallops, these are covered in Bacon with a hint of mustard. A combination of flavors, these bite sized morsels are loved […]

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Topics: Arizona,party,photographs,space,Star Trek,television

Guinan and Lal

Here is a photograph of me dressed as Guinan with a party guest dressed as Lal from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Offspring”.  We’re recreating a scene in Ten Forward.

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Topics: holidays,party,photographs,space,Star Trek,television,Unschooling

Happy Groundhog Day!

This is such an exciting year for my family; Super Star Trek Sunday and Groundhog Day are back-to-back!  We spent yesterday watching Star Trek, playing Star Trek games, doing a Starfleet Academy Training Course, doing Star Trek trivia questions, eating Star Trek inspired foods, and most of all: enjoying the company of our friends who […]

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Topics: party,photographs,Star Trek,travel

Fun with Green Screens PART ONE

Here are a few photographs we took yesterday as we played with my new photography green screen (we haven’t perfected it yet, but it’s great fun so far).  My kids were looking for the look of “falling through a black hole” or “spaghettification“.  I thought they looked more like they were being spit out of […]

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Topics: movies,party,Star Trek,television


So as not to spoil any surprises for our party guests, I won’t be talking about our upcoming Super Star Trek Sunday party until after the party is over.  🙂 However, it’s time you should be gathering your DVDs, replicating yummy food, and stocking up on fun for your own celebrations. We hope you have […]

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