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Follow homeschoolers Nadia and Aidan as they travel the USA! Each book in this series explores a new state and a new research topic. Along with their parents and pet turtle, they find adventure and learning everywhere.

...and just what is that mysterious device of theirs?

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December 2017
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Third Week of the Doing Life Right Teleconference 2012

We’ve now had three full weeks of videos for the 1st Annual Doing Life Right Teleconference. It’s been so much fun! From October 15th-21st we’ve heard from: Avani Shah on Doing Enjoyment (through making Pani Puri) Right Lisa Cottrell-Bentley (me) recapping the first 1/2 of the teleconference Mel Mason on Doing Grocery Shopping Right Larry […]

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How to: Protect the Information on Your Computer

We’ve all heard the horror stories of lost data from computers.  It may have even happened to you.  Losing the data on your computer systems can be tragic.  Don’t let this happen to you! Here is what my family does for our multitude of computers: UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply … to protect against power […]

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What’s a “Green Screen”?

Simply: A photography green screen is literally a green backdrop.  The material is usually fabric (often nylon or cotton), plastic, or paper. When a person or object is photographed in front of the green (or blue) screen, the green or blue is fairly easy to take out of the background (very easy with special software).  […]

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REVIEW: Steve Pavlina’s “Personal Development for SMART PEOPLE”

I first heard of Steve Pavlina about five years ago. While I’d been a vegan for a few months (and vegetarian for quite a while before that), my children were just starting to explore this lifestyle (they have been vegetarian their whole lives and vegan for the past several years). So, I was reading on […]

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How to: Throw an Excellent Webkinz Party

For my younger daughter’s 8th birthday, she decided to have a Webkinz themed party as a Girl Scout meeting. We had a 2.5 hour block scheduled and a lot of party to put in that time period, so we planned it all out on poster board much like the Webkinz “Daily Events” schedule. When each […]

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Why I’ll Never Be Replaced By a Computer (and Neither Will You)

Contrary to television shows, people cannot be replaced by machines! Computers are not capable of original thought. Humans are. Computers, and their software, only do as they are programmed. They cannot do more, or less, than the human(s) in charge of them have designed and programmed them to do. The world will always need people […]

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The Network is NOT the Computer

There’s a popular cyclical argument amongst computer people. Some believe that the future of computers is the network (a standard Google is touting). Other’s believe it is the computer itself. Whichever camp people are in, they usually tout their argument vehemently. I’m not so vehement in my beliefs on this topic, but I have thought […]

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Which Virtual Pet Should You Choose?

My family and I (two daughters, ages 11.5 and 7.5) have been able to play with a variety of virtual pets over the past year and we’ve compared them side-by-side. The ones we’ve tried are: Webkinz, Shining Stars, Ty Beanie Babies 2.0, My ePets, and Ty Girlz. If any other company would like my family […]

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How to: Raise Venture Capital (in 10 Easy Steps)

For the past 2.5 years I, with the help of a really great team, have been working on our software company, ZenActOS, Inc. We’ve been seriously pursuing our first round of funding (as the experts correctly told us to say) for over a year. While we are still raising our first round of funding, we’ve […]

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Fiction: Venture Capitalists talk with God about His Business Plan

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it. –Chinese Proverb For the past 2.5 years, I’ve been on a quest to raise capital for my software company, ZenActOS, Inc. Through this exciting, frustrating, overwhelming, and exhilarating adventure, I’ve learned a lot about Venture Capitalists. Following is a hypothetical […]

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