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Follow homeschoolers Nadia and Aidan as they travel the USA! Each book in this series explores a new state and a new research topic. Along with their parents and pet turtle, they find adventure and learning everywhere.

...and just what is that mysterious device of theirs?

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February 2018
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Word of the Year 2016: FLOW

After fighting another whirlwind year, I’ve decided that I would like to concentrate on going with the flow. Thus, my personal Word of the Year for 2016 is FLOW! Flow. Like a flowing river. I am in the river, but I can’t change the river’s direction to turn it around 180 degrees immediately. I have […]

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Word of the Year 2014: RADIATE

What is YOUR word of the year for 2014? I’ve been fairly active on Facebook the past few years, and I’ve seen an increase in how many people are giving themselves a “Word of the Year” rather than resolutions that never come true. I love this! 2014 marks my 6th “Word of the Year” and […]

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Word of the Year 2009

Have you picked a word to represent your 2009 dreams, desires, and ambitions?  The idea of this is very similar to vision boards, yet even more focused.  This idea has been wildly popularized from Christine Kane (read here for more of my articles which mention her) and I love it, yet 2009 will be my […]

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Topics: empowerment,vision boards,words,zen

Word of the Year

While I enjoy browsing blogs here and there, I only regularly read a few.  One of the ones that always grabs my attention is Christine Kane’s (and not just because I so frequently agree with her).  She’s insightful and entertaining, and I always learn something about myself (which is really hard to do on the […]

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Discovering Your Hidden Talents and How to Find New Hobbies

I’ve met a lot of people lately who are feeling stifled and uncreative. They’ve been working hard at parenting, other caregiving (of parents, friends, or other relatives), or in their careers. I hear women, in particular, say there is no time for themselves. No time for pleasure or creativity. No time for peaceful fulfillment of […]

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Topics: empowerment,movies,music,vision boards

Be Joe

There are certain days in my life that stand out strong in my memory. One of these days is the first time I saw Joe Versus the Volcano. This Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan classic is one of my family’s all time favorites. It is inspirational in ways that few other movies or books are. It’s not […]

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Topics: empowerment,environmentalism,mindful parenting,photographs,Unschooling,vision boards,zen

Wonder Falling

Ever notice the intense wonder in a young child’s eyes? Wonder why the older children and adults you meet don’t have it any more? I’ve spent a lot of time wondering about this very thing. When my first daughter was a baby, I wanted her to keep this sense of pure amazement as long as […]

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Zen Gardening

Here is my family’s ~30′ labyrinth. We built this for meditating, relaxing, walking (exercise), and for just plain enjoyment. I’ve always wanted a rock labyrinth. Sometimes we walk as a family, sometimes individually. I believe that everyone needs their own little space (inside or outside) to help allow for a zen filled existence. Whether yours […]

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Have a Vision: Vision Boards and Vision Boxes

Vision Boards and Vision Boxes are becoming very popular! They are similar to Wish Lists, yet significantly deeper. Vision Boards can encompass not only our material desires, but also our deepest and innermost wishes and dreams such as “more peace” or “a magical existence”. With The Law of Attraction and “The Secret” so popular, we’re […]

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Topics: empowerment,green living,travel,vision boards,zen

"Where Should I Live?" Find Your Best Spot

I’ve been asked this question several times now, so here is my answer. I believe that everyone should live in the place where they thrive the most. This physical place will absolutely not be the same for everyone, nor do we want it to be! That would just cause horrible overcrowding issues. However, if your […]

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