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Homeschool Fiction

Follow homeschoolers Nadia and Aidan as they travel the USA! Each book in this series explores a new state and a new research topic. Along with their parents and pet turtle, they find adventure and learning everywhere.

...and just what is that mysterious device of theirs?

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November 2017
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Topics: Arizona,photographs,so you think you know,travel,zen

So You Think You Know What Sand Looks Like PART ONE

Here are photographs of sand. I’ve taken all these photos in the Southwestern United States (in five completely different locations). Guess where they were taken and what the sand consists of. Answers tomorrow.

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Topics: empowerment,zen

Little Yellow Buds

My older daughter and I were walking around our (private 1/3 mile) path a week or so ago. We came across a line of ants. The trail was leading in both directions and had to be at least 20 feet in length. In one direction, the ants were empty handed. In the opposite direction, the […]

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Topics: interview,investing,money,religion,software,writing,zen

Fiction: Venture Capitalists talk with God about His Business Plan

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it. –Chinese Proverb For the past 2.5 years, I’ve been on a quest to raise capital for my software company, ZenActOS, Inc. Through this exciting, frustrating, overwhelming, and exhilarating adventure, I’ve learned a lot about Venture Capitalists. Following is a hypothetical […]

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Topics: empowerment,environmentalism,homeschooling,mindful parenting,relationships,Unschooling,vegan,vegetarian,zen

I won’t pick the chicken out of the chicken noodle soup

This post is about compromise. In most aspects of my life, I’m a great compromiser. While I figure out plans for art and craft projects, I’m quite flexible on how they are actually implemented. I’m the same on cleaning, driving routes, and a wide variety of other things in my life – especially with my […]

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Topics: books,empowerment,how to,mindful parenting,relationships,writing,zen

How to Not Be Endearing; How to Choose a Mate

I’ve recently been judging a novel writing contest (which I cannot give out any details about, but, of course, it’s a great contest). I’m finding the judging to be loads of fun. I’m reading books that I normally would not read and that is always of great interest to me. I’ve found new favorite writers […]

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Topics: education,empowerment,finances,homeschooling,how to,investing,Unschooling,vegan,writing,zen

How can I persuade you?

I keep meeting people that smile politely at my ideas and feign interest, yet when push comes to shove they do nothing to change their ways to be more similar to mine. Nor do they do anything to help me and my causes. Makes me wonder about the art of persuasion. Just how does a […]

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Topics: Arizona,empowerment,favorites,Girl Scouts,Harry Potter,magic,mindful parenting,photographs,saguaro,travel,Tucson,Unschooling,vegan,Webkinz,writing,zen

Top 10: Favorite Reasons I’m Glad I Started this Blog

Happy LEAP Day! Leap Day is one of my all time favorite days. It’s a Bonus day that always makes me think of rainbows and smiles! To celebrate this occasion, I’ve made a list of my favorite reasons I’m glad I started this blog. I’m also giving each of my daughters a “leaping” Webkinz (different […]

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Topics: empowerment,favorites,zen

10 Ways to Be a Better Spouse TODAY

This list is similar to my “10 Ways to Be a Better Parent TODAY“. Truth be told, you should treat all of your immediate family members better than you treat anyone else in the entire world. Most people do the opposite. They have special meals, special dishes, special clothing, special manners, etc. for guests and […]

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Topics: books,empowerment,movies,religion,space,Star Trek,television,Unschooling,Webkinz,zen

Science Fiction, String Theory, Star Trek and God

Science Fiction, String Theory, and Star Trek What do these have in common? God. Yes, God, with a capital G. I’ve heard the comments directed at Trekkies: “Oh, what geeks,” and “They just dress up and live in a little pretend world, how adolescent.” How banal that Trekkies are mistreated and misunderstood so! [How sad […]

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Topics: empowerment,homeschooling,mindful parenting,Unschooling,zen

What is YOUR Goal for Your Kids?

Whenever I start a new project, I usually start with an end goal in mind. When I get out yarn, I don’t usually start knitting without knowing what I am making. I start with the idea of a scarf, or a purse, or a pillow, or a sweater. Then, I choose the yarn, the pattern, […]

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